• Nick Waterhouse Live

    Nick Waterhouse’s Powerful, Minimalistic Flair

    If I hadn’t already been familiar with Nick Waterhouse prior to last night’s performance at Rough Trade NYC, I – like those around me – probably wouldn’t have noticed the

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    VINI Is The Wine Bar In Davis

    Almost like a different world is VINI, nestled on the edge of downtown Davis’ 2nd and E street, a block away from the Regional Cinemas Davis Holiday 6 Movie Theater (keep this in mind for your

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  • cw

    Blur the Lines with Christopher Willits

    Christopher Willits is an artist – an electronic music and guitar pioneer, composer, producer, photographer, filmmaker and system designer. Christopher uses his self-designed software tools to

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  • fwd

    We Move Forward with Adnan Sharif and Worthy

    It’s been a while, but Adnan Sharif takes Forward SF back to Mighty. This time with Worthy, Benjamin Vallery, & Joey Alaniz. We will be taking Silent Disco outside with Papa Lu, Shawna

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  • photo

    Everybody Wants POT

    Roy Choi, most famous for starting the Kogi truck craze, has several restaurants in Los Angeles including A-Frame and Chego. He’s done it again with POT as his newest addition. It’s located

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Shabazz Palaces at the Roxy

While concluding his opening set at the Shabazz Palaces show last night at the Roxy, artist Matthewdavid built up anticipation for the headliner, praising their “futuristic” sound and new record